Mount Kenya University, Open, Distance Electronic Learning

About Us


Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a chattered university operating as a nonprofit making institution of higher learning in East Africa. A charter defines the university as a teaching, research and examining body and mandates the university to award degrees and other qualifications. This era of globalization and the need for all students and who are spread in all campuses worldwide to share knowledge and information has led the university to establish a virtual campus.

An overview of Mount Kenya University Thika


Welcome to Mount Kenya University ODEL directorate which is the technology hub responsible for providing open distance and E-Learning university education. It coordinates virtual class to both on campus and off campus students and connects the university and its campuses hence helping the university in achieving its vision and mission.

The campus helps you achieve your academic goals and building your career through the exposure of interactive technologies. Students interact with their tutors and fellow students and submit their assignment and Continuous Assessments Tests online. Tutors mark and deliver results to the students using the same system. Students undertake courses at their own pace and hence can always read ahead or back on topics anytime.

Mount Kenya University Directorate of Open Distance and Electronic Learning (ODEL) will offers Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Postgraduate and Masters programmes through two modes: Digital learning and Distance and Institution-based Learning (DIBL).

The Digital Learning mode offers opportunities to online students who have no opportunities for a face to face interaction. Instructor student interaction is online through the digital learning management system.

The DIBL is a blended mode of study where one-third of the learning is delivered through face-to-face (14 hours) while two-thirds (28 hours) is done through web-based learning.