Mount Kenya University, Open, Distance Electronic Learning

Moses Karanja

E-Learning Coordinator

I am passionate persuasive and hardworking in nature, having knowledge in Information Technology in Network configuration, routing and switching, Network management and system virtualization. I work and interact well with other people building trusting relationships, being competent, honest and diligent
I am goal oriented, adaptable and responsible, skilled in hardware and software computing, administration and coordination duties, with five years’ experience.


  1. Open Distance and Electronic Learning Coordination and Management.
  2. CCNA (Routing and Switching Network Configuration)
  3. Technical Trainer in ICT
  4. System Virtualization

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  1. Monitoring of teaching and learning of distance learning students and lecturers
  2. Providing Technical Support to both distance learning students and lecturers
  3. Planning and Organizing of Distance learning examinations
  4. Organizing distance learning lecturers and students orientations
  5. Preparing Payment schedule for teaching staff for the distance learning mode of study.
  6. Monitoring uploading and grading of coursework in the e-learning management system.
  7. Monitoring use of tools and content delivery in the e-learning management system.
  8. Organizing and overseeing the distance learning international student’s examinations administrations across all the respective embassy.
  9. Planning and scheduling for Examinations Administration for distance learning students.
  10. Preparing and planning for the directorate Schedule of activities and Events to be carried out.
  11. Ensuring security for E-Content, the System and other E-Records


  1. Web designing using Joomla Content Management system
  2. Comfortable with programming using PHP.
  3. Computer networks and internet.
  4. Proficiency in Linux/ windows platforms
  5. Hardware maintenance / troubleshooting
  6. Proficiency in structured query language SQL
  7. Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8, Linux. Ms office, Mysql (with databases)
  8. Proficient in .net programming (visual basic, c#)


  1. Computer Networking, travelling, swimming, riding, Reading novels and Socializing
  2. Knowledge of hardware and network components
  3. Ability to work well with minimal supervision and flexibility within work
  4. Able to understand the technical and technicalities of networking and computer programming
  5. Ability to change and adapt to new environments.
  6. Good IT background and also gained management skills.